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Parent Center

The Myrtle Tate ES Parent Center is available to all Myrtle Tate ES parents and guardians.  A full time Parent Center teacher and Instructional Assistant are dedicated to helping you.  Information regarding the school and community programs, English classes, Standard Student Attire, book and toy exchange centers, and parenting classes is available at the Myrtle Tate ES Parent Center waiting for you to enjoy.  Parent activities and work shops are also coordinated and planned with parent input.  Parents are encouraged and supported in raising our students' achievement in school.

Parent Communication

Parents/Guardians, your commitment to your children’s education drives the success that our schools are working hard to achieve.  Your help is needed for us to maximize learning opportunities for all of our students.  Please consider the following guidelines to assist you when you have questions, concerns, or ideas that require the attention of school district personnel:

Effectie Parent-School Communication

Effective Parent-School Communication (Spanish)

Classroom Issue, Question or Idea?  Contact the teacher.  Arrange a conference to discuss concerns or to obtain information.  If the situation is not resolved, contact the principal.

School Issue, Question or Idea?  Contact the school and request to speak with the responsible administrator.  If the situation is not resolved at this level and you have not yet spoken with the principal, please contact him/her.  Issues or questions that are not resolved at the school level may be addressed to the appropriate School Associate Superintedent.  Please contact the SAS office at 799-2640.

Public Concern forms may be filed at any time; however, as issues and questions are usually resolved and answered at the level at which they occur, it is strongly recommended that you avail yourselves of the opportunity provided to discuss situations first with school personnel.  Public Concern forms are available at all CCSD schools, the Greer Education Center located at 2832 E. Flamingo, Area Service Center 2 office located at 2298 Vegas Valley Drive, the Sahara Administrative Offices located at 5100 W. Sahara Avenue or by calling 799-5000.

It is important to work together to support the education of our children.  In the spirit of working together, the Clark County School District is committed to acknowledging your inquiries within a 24-hour time frame in terms of initially informing you that the appropriate office is in receipt of the information provided.  There may be times in which other classroom, school or district responsibilities may prohibit the individual you wish to speak to from being available immediately to address your concerns or questions; however, your concern will be fully communicated and addressed in a timely manner.  Additionally, there may be times in which your inquiry will be re-directed to a more appropriate individual to address given the nature of the concern and/or steps that have not yet been taken to resolve the matter.  We are committed to strengthening the lines of communication.  As the school year unfolds, we want to ensure that you receive the assistance you need through the various contact options available to you.

Parent Letter

Parent Letter (Spanish)

Parent Involvement Strategy

Parents are so important to the success of each child. At Myrtle Tate Elementary School, we want parents and family members of the students to feel welcome and a part of our school community. We encourage parents to come into our school to work with students, help with school projects, and share their ideas when decisions are made regarding student learning and school programs. Regular parent meetings are held with the principal to review progress made on our school improvement goals, fundraisers, school functions and events, concerns, and suggestions. Together we make a difference in the lives of every child!

Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Breakfast and lunch are served daily. Menus are sent home once a month and can be picked up in the office. Lunch costs $1.75 per meal. Applications for free and reduced lunch can be picked up in the office or accessed on the Food Service website.

Follow this link for information about the Breakfast and Lunch Menu.

College Information

If you have big dreams for your future. If you want to have an exciting job. If you want to earn lots of money. You can earn more, do more, and go further than you may think possible…if you go to college.

Follow this link for information about College.


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